One day in late 2015, three guys decided to go out on their own and open their own law firm. Within months, they had found an office in Ottawa, Ontario, hired an intrepid office manager and were well on their way to opening the boutique corporate law firm of SKS Law LLP. Although the office wasn’t far off the ground, they had big aspirations.

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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

SKS Law’s Vankleek Hill office, located in the heart of Eastern Ontario, is the continuation of the legacy created by Shelly Law Office, which was first opened by David Shelly in 1980. The Vankleek Hill office itself - a converted Victorian house - was built in the late 1800s and was originally a physician’s office. It has since been renovated back to its original Victoria. Look, based on old photographs that David had found. Now carved wood reliefs and stained-glass interior windows adorn the space.

SKS Law has carried on David Shelly’s legacy and continue to offer legal services from our Vankleek Hill office. David even pops in on occasion to provide some of that invaluable legal knowledge and experience.

#HumbleBeginnings #VankleekHill #Legacy #ThrowBackThursday #skslaw #aboutus #sksstory